Pembina Gorge Fossil Dig


This dig is co-sponsored by the North Dakota Geological Survey, and the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department. We will be returning once again to the beautifully scenic Pembina Gorge in our ongoing search for sea monsters. This Pierre Formation location, 80 million years old, holds some of the oldest surface rocks in North Dakota. This was a time when North Dakota was covered with the Western Interior Seaway, and was home to great swimming reptiles called mosasaurs, giant squid, sea turtles, aquatic birds, large (and small) fish, snails, clams, and more.  No personal vehicles - everyone will be transported to and from the site in vans.

Watch a Video about the Pembina Gorge dig


Full Days (15+ years):  August 12-17

Family Half Days (10+ years): August 9-11

Adult Half Day (15+ years):  August 18


Near Walhalla, Cavalier County


Opens February 3rd, 10am Central – first come, first served

Full Day - $40

Half-Day - $30


Pembina Gorge FAQs


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