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Oil and Gas Fill-in Forms

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Filling out forms in Adobe Acrobat PDF format will require Adobe Acrobat 7.0, or Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or later to work properly. Please download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://get.adobe.com/reader/ if you have an earlier version or have no Reader at all.

Filling out forms in Microsoft Excel XLS format will require Microsoft Excel 97 or later to work properly.

Form Description

Instructions For Permit To Drill (Vertical or Directional Well)*
    Form 1 PDF (90K)
    Form 1 XLS (76K)

Instructions For Permit To Drill (Horizontal Well) *
    Form 1H PDF (143K)
    Form 1H XLS (90K)

* All applications for permit to drill must be e-filed, except in extenuating circumstances. Operators must file an ePermit authorization form and send to apd@nd.gov. The Bismarck office will then issue a user-ID and password to access the online Form 1 or Form 1H.

Application For Treating Plant
    Form 1 TP PDF (51K)
    Form 1 TP XLS (101K)

Organization Report
    Form 2 PDF (57K)
    Form 2 XLS (68K)

Registration For Persons Proving / Testing / Oil Sampling
    Form 2B PDF (62K)

Single Well Bond (2000' in Depth, or Less)
    Form 3 PDF (47K)
    Form 3 XLS (47K)

Single Well Bond (In Excess of 2000' Depth)
    Form 3A PDF (56K)
    Form 3A XLS (75K)

Blanket Bond (Two Or More Wells)
    Form 3C PDF (54K)
    Form 3C XLS (75K)

Treating Plant Bond
    Form 3D PDF (54K)
    Form 3D XLS (74K)

Saltwater Handling Facility Bond
    Form 3F PDF (54K)
    Form 3F XLS (74K)

Application to Deposit Cash or Property in Lieu of Surety Bond
    Form 3D3 PDF (65K)
    Form 3D3 XLS (92K)

Remediation Bond
    Form 3E PDF (50K)
    Form 3E XLS (100K)

Sundry Notices And Reports On Wells
    Form 4 PDF (64K)
    Form 4 XLS (72K)

Oil Production Report
    Form 5 PDF (175K)
    Form 5 XLS (69K)

Oil Production Report Continuation
    Form 5A PDF (244K)
    Form 5A XLS (69K)

Gas Production Report
    Form 5B PDF (138K)
    Form 5B XLS (68K)

Monthly Treating Plant Report
    Form 5P PDF (101K)
    Form 5P XLS (68K)

Oil Recovered From Saltwater Disposal Wells
    Form 5 SWD PDF (82K)
    Form 5 SWD XLS (66K)

Well Completion Or Recompletion Report
    Form 6 PDF (193K)
    Form 6 XLS (100K)

Plugging Report
    Form 7 PDF (368K)
    Form 7 XLS (93K)

Authorization To Purchase And Transport Oil From Lease
    Form 8 PDF (70K)
    Form 8 XLS (66K)

Purchaser And Transporter Of Dry Gas Report
    Form 8A PDF (124K)
    Form 8A XLS (66K)

Gas-Oil Ratio Report
    Form 9 PDF (170K)
    Form 9 XLS (67K)

Reservoir Pressure Test
    Form 9A PDF (110K)
    Form 9A XLS (68K)

Fluid Level Test
    Form 9B PDF (116K)
    Form 9B XLS (68K)

Oil Purchasers Monthly Report
    Form 10 PDF (147K)
    Form 10 XLS (66K)

Oil Transporters Monthly Report
    Form 10A PDF (159K)
    Form 10A XLS (66K)

Oil Transporters And Storers Monthly Report
    Form 10B PDF (138K)
    Form 10B XLS (65K)

Oil Rail Transporter Monthly Report
    Form 10RR PDF (138K)
    Form 10RR XLS (65K)

Central Tank Battery Well Test Report
    Form 11 PDF (173K)
    Form 11 XLS (72K)

Central Tank Battery Well Test Report Continuation
    Form 11A PDF (189K)
    Form 11A XLS (71K)

Gas Processing Plant Report
    Form 12 PDF (118K)
    Form 12 XLS (69K)

Gas Processing Plant Report Of Receipts From Wells
    Form 12A PDF (158K)
    Form 12A XLS (67K)

Refiner's Monthly Report
    Form 13 PDF (79K)
    Form 13 XLS (65K)

Application For Injection
    Form 14 PDF (159K)
    Form 14 XLS (95K)

Notice Of Transfer Of Oil And Gas Wells
    Form 15 PDF (56K)
    Form 15 XLS (69K)

Notice Of Transfer Of Treating Plant Facility
    Form 15P PDF (37K)
    Form 15P XLS (71K)

Saltwater Disposal Report
    Form 16 PDF (127K)
    Form 16 XLS (70K)

Saltwater Disposal Report Continuation
    Form 16A PDF (146K)
    Form 16A XLS (65K)

Enhanced Recovery Report
    Form 17 PDF (87K)
    Form 17 XLS (71K)

Enhanced Recovery Source Report
    Form 17A PDF (115K)
    Form 17A XLS (66K)

Gas Storage Report
    Form 18 PDF (155K)
    Form 18 XLS (70K)

Well Integrity Report
    Form 19 PDF (92K)
    Form 19 XLS (75K)

Multipoint Back-Pressure Test Report
    Form 20 PDF (110K)
    Form 20 XLS (84K)

One-Point Back-Pressure Test Report
    Form 21 PDF (67K)
    Form 21 XLS (89K)

Deliverability Test Report
    Form 22 PDF (68K)
    Form 22 XLS (82K)

Tank Bottom Cleaning Report
    Form 23 PDF (108K)
    Form 23 XLS (69K)

Annual Report Of Unit Operations
    Form 24 PDF (78K)
    Form 24 XLS (69K)

Telephonic Communication Affidavit
    Telephonic PDF (17K)

Spill Clean-Up Report Form (USE FOR CLEAN-UP REPORTS ONLY!!! Click here to report a spill online)
    Spill Clean-Up Report XLS (70K)

If you can't download and use the forms on your computer, you may request pre-printed forms by mail, or by calling us at (701) 328-8020.

North Dakota Industrial Commission
Oil and Gas Division
600 East Boulevard Dept 405
Bismarck ND 58505-0840

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