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General EFile Information

The below listed items must be completed before credentials can be provided to allow the electronic submission of Permit, Pipeline and/or Report forms or documents.
  • Become an Operator in ND
    1. Must be registered with the Secretary of State.
    2. Submit by mail the original completed (Organization Report) along with the certification from the Secretary of State to the address at the top of the Form 2.
    3. Submit an Organization Questionnaire through NorthSTAR (North Dakota Statewide Tracking and Reporting) to create your online reporting account.

  • There are two types of bonds Cash or Surety with a dollar value of $50,000 or $100,000. The Bank of North Dakota only accepts Cash Bonds. Letters of credit are not accepted.
    • Oil and Gas wells
      • Can be a single or multiple well bond.
      • For surety bonds
        • Well depth less than 2,000 feet complete a Form 3.
        • Well depth in excess of 2,000 feet compete a Form 3A.
        • Multiple well surety bond complete a Form 3C.
    • Saltwater Disposal wells: A commercial SWD well only has sources from wells not operated by the SWD operator.
      • Commercial use requires a $100,000 Bond.
    • Pipeline : Gathering Systems
      • Form 3PL : Gathering pipelines that are less than 1 mile - bond amount to be approved by the Director
      • Form 3PL1 : Single Gathering System - $50,000 Bond
      • Form 3PL2 : Multiple Gathering Systems (two or more underground gathering systems) - $100,000 Blanket Bond
      • Form 3PL3 : Underground Gathering Pipeline Cash Bond - Application to deposit cash or property in lieu of a surety bond
If you have questions about becoming an operator in ND or Bonding please call 701-328-8020 and ask for Rachel Morris.

Useful links:

EFile Permitting

Filing of Forms 1 and 1H through our standard e-file tool has been disabled. All Applications for Permit to drill must be submitted though our new North Dakota Statewide Tracking and Reporting System (NorthStar).For more information about the timeline and transition to NorthSTAR visit the NorthSTAR home page.

If you have questions call 701-328-8020:
Oil and Gas Permitting: Todd Holweger
Underground Injection Control Permitting: Ashleigh Day

  • Drilling Permit Review Policies
  • Required documents can be found in NDAC 43-02-03-16 and the instructions page of the Form 1 or 1H. Also, Gas Capture Plans are required for all "Bakken" Pool wells. If the permit application is subject to NDIC PP 1.07 the director shall require documentation that the applicant has notified the appropriate city, airport, and federal officials in compliance with Title 14 CFR Part 77. Please consult the Industrial Commission website for GIS Layers applicable to NDIC PP 1.07.

Additional regulatory agencies to consider prior to submitting an application for permit to drill:

EFile Production and Injection Reporting

Complete the eReport authorization form to request credentials or to update the list of eReport authorized individuals. All authorized individuals will receive the username and password via email to submit forms listed below.

  • List each individual that is authorized to submit forms 5, 5B, 16 and 17 electronically.
  • If your company has multiple departments or personnel submitting electronic form information ALL individuals need to be listed on this form.
  • If there is not enough room on the form for all authorized individuals, please attach an additional sheet with the needed names and emails.
  • Submitting a new authorization form replaces previously authorized users.
  • The Authorized Signature must be someone who is listed on the Form 2 (Organization Report) we have on file for your company.
  • The eAuthorization Form can be submitted via:
    • Mail:
      • NDIC Oil & Gas Division
      • 600 East Boulevard Dept 405
      • Bismarck, ND 58505-0840
    • Fax:
      • 701-328-8022

File forms 5, 5B, 16, 17, and 17A online.

  • If you have questions about the Form 5 or Form 5B contact Melissa Herz at 701-328-8020.
  • If you have questions about the Form 16 or Form 17 contact Brandi Schafer at 701-328-8020.

Electronic Filing FAQ

ND Oil & Gas has two types of electronic submission formats, PDF or XML.

Software Requirements:
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only supported PDF plugin.
  • Any browser that supports the Adobe Reader plugin.
    • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) is not supported, because of the inability to load the Adobe Reader plugin. If you have windows 10 please use another browser to submit PDF forms.
  • Chrome requires special configuration to use the Adobe Reader Plugin instead of the default PDF plugin.
  • Please be sure that all security software, windows updates and Adobe Reader plugin is current and up to date. If the PDF Form says "Loading Please Wait" that typically indicates a pending update or reboot is required.

Issues with using the PDF Forms please read PDF Forms Loading Please Wait