NDGS Paleo Pals Membership Program

NDGS Paleo Pals Membership Program

Do you want to take an active role in helping preserve North Dakota's prehistoric heritage? Sign up today to join the NDGS Paleo Pals!

Dig Supporter Paleo Pals membership program

What Does Your Annual Donation Support?

  • The Public Fossil Dig Program: Provides supplies and new equipment, which helps lower the daily registration costs for participants.
  • Field and Lab Internships: With enough funds we can provide opportunities for students studying paleontology to gain important technical experience.
  • Paleontology Exhibits: We maintain over two dozen fossil exhibits across North Dakota, making sure everyone can learn our prehistoric heritage.

Support Levels:

Level* Donation Dig Spots


$150 2


$250 4


$500 6


$750 8


$1000 10


Friends of NDGS Paleo


We're excited to announce a new partnership with Friends of NDGS Paleo, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Any donations made to the public fossil dig programs through the Friends group are now tax-deductible! Starting in fall 2021, the Friends group will manage the Dig Supporter and Paleo Pals programs. For more information, you can contact the Friends group at: 


Friends of NDGS Paleo

Trissa Ford - President

Katy Brooke - Secretary/Treasurer

PO Box 164
Mandan, ND 58554
United States
Phone: 701-516-8665


Support the 2022 Public Fossil Digs

We are working hard to meet two goals for the 2022 digs:

  1. Offer as many fossil dig opportunities as possible.
  2. Keep the costs as affordable as possible for everyone.

Dig Supporters will provide a donation that will be used to fund the public digs program and keep down the daily fee that everyone will pay to attend. As a thank you for your support of the Public Fossil Digs Program, you will gain access to Priority Registration for the 2022 digs. The number of early registration spots each person gets is based on their donation level. Higher donation levels will also get priority registration over lower levels. For example, Smilodon Dig Supporters will be able to register before Borealosuchus Dig Supporters. Only 200 priority registration spots will be made available through this offer leaving over 300 spots for the full registration day. Please see the Dig Supporter & Paleo Pal FAQs page for details. Contact Clint Boyd with any questions [ndgspaleo@nd.gov or (701) 328-8163].

Dig Supporter & Paleo Pal FAQs