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This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF fill-in form that contains the instructions on page one, and the sign-up form on page two. If you have further questions about this service, please contact us at (701) 328-8020.

Field Orders, Case Files, and Hearing Audio Files

This section contains a complete index for all Commission orders and their associated case files. The index contains the order number, case number, date signed and a brief description of the order contents. All orders are available on the server and have full text search capability. Scanned case files with exhibits are available in Adobe PDF format. New case files will be available 15 to 30 days after the hearing. Hearing audio recordings are available for most cases from September 1983 to current. New audio recordings are generally available a few days after the hearing.

Interactive Map Tools

These are GIS map tools. In the GIS map server, when wells are identified, clicking on the file number in the results pane will take you to the Scout Ticket page and clicking on the field name will take you to the Field Order Index page for that particular field. When fields are identified, you can also get to the Field Order Index page for that field in the same way. The Gas Analysis map service was developed through a cooperative effort between the PCOR Partnership and the ND Department of Mineral Resources and is hosted on the UND EERC web site. You can use this GIS and graphing interface to explore the nature and extent of gas composition data in the Williston Basin.

Well Data

This section contains a complete index of all wells permitted in North Dakota in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet saved with Zip compression. The scout ticket data contains basic well information, log tops, completion data, initial production tests, cumulative production and injection volumes, well performance curves, drill stem test recoveries, core and thin section photographs, and cores and samples available at the NDGS Core Library in Grand Forks, ND. The well files are scanned into Adobe PDF documents that include all forms, letters, geological reports, drill stem test reports, core analysis reports, and other miscellaneous information. All well files are available, except for confidential wells or confidential information. Our entire log inventory has been scanned into TIFF image format. More than 100,600 digital and image logs are available for over 18,650 wells.

Production and Injection Volumes

Production and injection histories are available on a well, unit or field-pool basis. They are displayed in a table format with the most current data displayed at the top of the table. You may also view a performance curve of a well, unit or field. Production and injection numbers for confidential wells are not included. The stripper well assistant is a tool that you can use to determine if wells or units may qualify as a stripper well property.


This shows various statistics about all of the units that have been formed in North Dakota. This is a good place to start for operators looking to form a new unit.

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