The Rules and Regulations of the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources are found in the North Dakota Century Code and North Dakota Administrative Code.

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Rules Approved by the Commission - Effective 4/1/2022 

North Dakota Century Code

North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 32-40.2 Environmental Audits – Violations

Chapter 38-08 Control of Gas and Oil Resources

Chapter 38-08.1 Geophysical Exploration Requirements

Chapter 38-11.1 Oil and Gas Production Damage Compensation

Chapter 38-11.2 Subsurface Exploration Damages

Chapter 38-22 Carbon Dioxide Underground Storage

Chapter 38-25 Underground Storage of Oil and Gas

North Dakota Administrative Code

North Dakota Administrative Code

Chapter 43-02-03 Oil and Gas Conservation

Chapter 43-02-04 Natural Gas Well Status Determinations (Repealed effective July 1, 1996)

Chapter 43-02-05 Underground Injection Control

Chapter 43-02-06 Royalty Statements

Chapter 43-02-08 Stripper Well and Stripper Well Property Determination

Chapter 43-02-09 Workover Projects (Repealed effective April 1, 2018)

Chapter 43-02-10 Certification of Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Projects - Determination of Incremental Production

Chapter 43-02-11 Certification of Shallow Gas Wells

Chapter 43-02-12 Geophysical Exploration Requirements

Chapter 43-02-14 Geological Storage of Oil or Gas

Chapter 43-05-01 Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide