IIJA (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act)


The federal government approved the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) which is a bipartisan infrastructure law signed into effect on November 15, 2021.

This law includes $4.7 billion to assist federal, state, and tribal government with orphaned well site plugging, remediation, and restoration activities.

The State programs are divided into three types of grants:

  1. Initial Grants - State's may be eligible for either a $5,000,000 or a $25,000,000 grant;
  2. Formula Grants - Which required a State Notice of Intent by December 30, 2021; and
  3. Performance Grants - Performance Grants include two types of grants available: Regulatory Improvement and Matching Grants. 

More information about each of these programs can be read about in the enrolled bill. As the State of North Dakota filings, resources, or other information become available it will be shared under the grant name below.