Asset Transfers


Operators in North Dakota transferring assets must follow the Rules, Regulations & Policies of Department of Mineral Resources - Oil and Gas Division.

Can I transfer an active well from one operator to another?

Yes, well transfers must be submitted through NorthSTAR.

More information can be found on the Forms page.

Can I transfer a constructed pad for a well which has not spud?

Yes. If the location is constructed but the well is "permitted but not drilled", it will need to be transferred in NorthSTAR.

However, the receiving operator must file either a Form 4-Sundry or Form 1-APD along with any revised permit documents depending upon individual circumstances.

More information can be found on the Forms page.

Can I assign permits from one operator to another?

No. NDIC Oil and Gas Division permits are specific to the individual operator.

Most companies drill wells in a somewhat different manner from one another. If the pad or lease road is not constructed, we will require that the permit be cancelled by the "transferring" operator and re-permitted (via Application for Permit to Drill) by the "receiving" operator; this can/should be done simultaneously.