Paleontologist, Lab Manager

(701) 328-1954
600 East Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58505-0840

Job Description

Becky splits her time between field work, lab work, and outreach. As lab manager, she heads the volunteering program for fossil preparation.  If the project includes fossil preparation, molding, casting, painting, sculpting, illustration, or taxidermy, Becky is probably involved.


2007: M.S. Biology, North Dakota State University
2004: B.S. Biology, Concordia College


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Public Outreach & Available Presentations

  • Chatting with NDGS Paleo - virtual science hour, archived on YouTube
  • Fossils In North Dakota (FIND) Newsletter – Quarterly newsletter for kids with sections on Feature Fossils, Travel Destinations, and more.
  • Fossils There To Here (powerpoint – all ages) A look at how fossils get from the field, to the lab, to exhibits.
  • Heroes of Paleontology (powerpoint – youth) A history of paleontology, using caricatures of famous paleontologists, with an emphasis on books and reading.
  • Pterosaurs, Birds & Bats: Things With Wings (powerpoint – all ages) Flight in vertebrates.
  • What Is A Dinosaur? (powerpoint & activity – youth) What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? How big were they?
  • Paleontology Meets A Paintbrush: Where Art and History Collide (powerpoint – all ages) A behind the scenes breakdown of what went in to the art and exhibits of the current Adaptation Gallery: Geologic Time.
  • Fossils In North Dakota (powerpoint – all ages) An in depth look at fossils found across North Dakota.
  • Prehistoric North Dakota (powerpoint – youth) A shorter version of Fossils In North Dakota for younger audiences.
  • Skin, Scales, Feathers & Fur (powerpoint – all ages) How do we know what some extinct creatures looked like? If we’re lucky, we find their skin…
  • Prehistoric Fishing Trip (activity – youth) Fish the prehistoric seas with a time-traveling excursion. Catch life-sized animals, and see how large some of the BIG creatures really were.
  • Fossil Show-And-Tell (hands-on – youth) View and touch fossils from around the world. Learn more about what types of things turn into fossils, and what they can tell us.
  • How Big WERE They?! (activity – youth) Using life-sized silhouettes, audience members join in to create a living model of how large prehistoric creatures were.