Paleontologists digging for fossils


We will again be returning to the scenic Little Badlands of North Dakota.  This Oligocene locality is ~32-30 million years old. Of all the sites across North Dakota, this particular one holds the most mammals, and boasts the beginnings of many mammal groups still seen today.  Hornless rhinos, three-toes horses, camels, entelodonts, nimravids, rodents, bats, eagles, toads, tortoises, alligators, and more. Many creatures new-to-science have been uncovered here.

Please not this is a PROSPECTING site, not a quarry site - participants will need to be in good enough physical condition to hike in moderate to rugged terrain, and carry all of their supplies with them for the day.  This site is not suitable for young children - only Full Days (15+ years) will be available.  There are NO porta-potties and NO shade tents at this area.  No personal vehicles - everyone will be transported to and from the site in van from the Dickinson Museum Center.


Full Days (15+ years):  June 10-14


Near Dickinson, ND


Opens February 3rd, 10am Central – first come, first served

Full Day - $40 (minimum age 15)


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