We will be returning this year to the Medora site.  The areas in this location are from the Sentinel Butte Formation, which is from the Paleocene, and are 55-65 million years old.  After dinosaurs went extinct, crocodiles became the dominant predator in North Dakota, and the environment turned swampy.  This site is rich in a variety of swamp denizens, including crocodiles, giant salamanders, fish, champsosaurs, clams, snails, and more. The rugged badlands in the nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park may also be a draw for those not interested in digging in the dirt.  No personal vehicles - everyone will be transported to and from the site in vans.

Watch a Video about the Medora Dig


Full Days (15+ years):  June 20, 25-27

Family Half Days (10+ years):  June 21-23

Adult Half Day (15+ years):  June 28


Near Medora, Billings County. Daily trips to the fossil site will originate from Medora.


Opens February 3rd, 10am Central – first come, first served

Full Day - $40 (minimum age 15)

Half-Day - $30 (minimum age 10 for Family Days)


Medora FAQs


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