Public Events and Outreach


Gateway to Science collaborations

June 11, 2021:  Summer Camp

June 26, 2021:  STEM spectacular!

August 21, 2021:  STEM spectacular!


National Fossil Day

Official homepage and national activities.

Past banners of National Fossil Day, including Mosasaur from 2011, Mammoth from 2012, Smilodon from 2016, Placoderm from 2017, Sloth from 2019, and sharks from 2020

Summer Reading Kickoff

Imagine Your Story

A pseudo-comic showing a feathered green tyrannosaur battling a hawk and a bat

Collection of coloring pages from past Summer Reading Kickoff events

Earth Day

Bismarck Earth Day Festival Facebook

Science Olympiad

A selection of Science Olympiad standard rocks and fossils are on display in the Learning Lab of the Adaptation Gallery: Geologic Time in the ND Heritage Center.
Appointments may be made with staff to open the cases for a closer look.

ND Science Olympiad