Geologic Map Viewer

The North Dakota Geological Survey's Viewer is a compilation of datasets published by the NDGS and other agencies which, when layered over each other, present a comprehensive and insightful display of data using color & transparency. It includes detailed information about the state's geology, lignite deposits, boundaries, yearly aerial imagery, and monumental datasets such as 1-meter LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) derived hill shade of the entire state.

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Geologic Map Data Download

The North Dakota Geological Survey publishes maps and reports on the mineralogical, paleontological, and geochemical resources of North Dakota, including oil and gas, coal, uranium, clay, sand and gravel, volcanic ash, potash and other salts, etc. In addition to mapping subsurface resources, the Survey is actively mapping the surface geology throughout the state with an emphasis on urban areas and identifying geohazards such as landslides.

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Select a specific area of interest to view and download 24K and 100K scale maps. All NDGS maps are available here for free download (PDF, shapefiles, etc.).