2020 Dig Supporter / Paleo Pal Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for my dig spots?

You will receive an email with the details on how priority registration will work once the Dig Supporter program is full. We will also post details on our social media accounts.

What rules apply to early registration dig spots?

All of the same rules that apply to the full registration day apply on the early registration day. See Dig Registration FAQ for full details.

Why only 150 early registration spots?

While we want to encourage people to support the public digs program, we don’t want to give away so many early registration spots that there are few sign up opportunities left on full  registration day.

Why not just charge a higher daily rate for the public fossil digs?

We are trying to keep the public fossil digs as affordable as possible so that everyone has a chance to attend. If we do not get enough people to sign up as Dig Supporters, then we will have to raise the daily cost in 2020.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment must be made immediately when you sign up. We accept Visa and Mastercard payments over the phone. Your membership is not official until payment is received.

Does the donation cover my daily registration cost as well?

No. You will still need to pay the daily registration cost for each of your spots when you register for the digs.

What if I already donated to the program during the 2020 public dig shirt fundraiser?

We have all of those donations recorded. If you would like to apply the donation you already made towards the Dig Supporter program, please let us know when you call to sign up and we will make  that happen.

Can I still register for more spots on the full registration day?

Yes. Everyone is welcome to participate in the full registration day, even if you already registered for some spots on the early registration day. Dig experience limitations still apply. See Dig Registration FAQ for details.

When do my benefits start?

All funds donated in 2020 will apply to 2021 memberships and benefits will begin January 1, 2021.

What happened to all the Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.?

In order to streamline donations, instead of Bronze = Borealosuchus, we have simply included an add-on feature for Dig Supporter early registrations