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Geophysical Exploration (Seismic) Fill-in Forms

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Filling out forms in Adobe Acrobat PDF format will require Adobe Acrobat 7.0, or Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or later to work properly. Please download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://www.adobe.com if you have an earlier version or have no Reader at all.

Filling out forms in Microsoft Excel XLS format will require Microsoft Excel 97 or later to work properly.

GE Filing Authorization *** Required for all permitting agents ***
     Form GE 1 Filing Authorization (pdf)

GE Permit
     Form GE 1 (pdf)
     Form GE 1 (xls)

GE Organization Report (Main Contractor)
     Form GE 2A (pdf)
     Form GE 2A (xls)

GE Organization Report - Drilling/Plugging (Subcontractor)
     Form GE 2B (pdf)
     Form GE 2B (xls)

GE Bond (Shot Hole Operations)
     Form GE 3A (pdf)
     Form GE 3A (xls)

GE Bond (Non-Explosive Methods)
     Form GE 3B (pdf)
     Form GE 3B (xls)

GE Bond - Drilling/Plugging (Subcontractor)
     Form GE 3C (pdf)
     Form GE 3C (xls)

GE Application to Deposit Cash or Certificates of Deposit in Lieu of Surety Bond
     Form GE 3D3 (pdf)
     Form GE 3D3 (xls)

GE Sundry Notice
     Form GE 4 (pdf)
     Form GE 4 (xls)

GE Completion Report
     Form GE 6A (pdf)
     Form GE 6A (xls)

GE Affidavit of Completion Report
     Form GE 6B (pdf)
     Form GE 6B (xls)

GE Hole Plugging Report
     Form GE 7A (pdf)
     Form GE 7A (xls)

GE Affidavit of Plugging (Hole Plugger) Report
     Form GE 7B (pdf)
     Form GE 7B (xls)

GE Notice of Transfer of Geophysical Exploration Permit
     Form GE 15GE (pdf)
     Form GE 15GE (xls)

If you can't download and use the forms on your computer, you may request pre-printed forms by mail, or by calling us at (701) 328-8020.

North Dakota Industrial Commission
Oil and Gas Division
600 East Boulevard Dept 405
Bismarck ND 58505-0840

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