About DMR

About DMR
The Legislature created the Industrial Commission of North Dakota in 1919 to conduct and manage, on behalf of the State, certain utilities, industries, enterprises, and business projects established by state law. The North Dakota Industrial Commission is made up of :
  • Doug Burgum, Governor
  • Wayne Stenehjem, Attorney General
  • Doug Goehring, Agriculture Commissioner
The Industrial Commission has jurisdiction over oil and gas resources, the investigation and publication of geological information and the regulation of coal exploration, geophysical exploration, geothermal energy, paleontology resources, subsurface minerals, geophysical exploration, underground storage and retrieval of nonhydrocarbons, high-level radioactive waste disposal, and carbon dioxide underground storage in North Dakota through the Department of Mineral Resources Geological Survey and Oil and Gas Division.
The Industrial Commission appoints the Director of the Department of Mineral Resources, who serves as Director of the Oil and Gas Division and appoints the State Geologist and Assistant Director of the Oil and Gas Division.