North Dakota Geological Survey



Becky Barnes

Paleontologist, Lab Manager

(701) 328-1954
600 East Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58505-0840

Job Description

Becky splits her time between field work, lab work, and outreach. As lab manager, she heads the volunteering program for fossil preparation.


2007: M.S. Biology, North Dakota State University
2004: B.S. Biology, Concordia College


Public Outreach & Available Presentations

  • Fossils In North Dakota (FIND) Newsletter – Quarterly newsletter for kids with sections on Feature Fossils, Travel Destinations, and more.
  • Fossils There To Here (powerpoint – all ages) A look at how fossils get from the field, to the lab, to exhibits.
  • Heroes of Paleontology (powerpoint – youth) A history of paleontology, using caricatures of famous paleontologists, with an emphasis on books and reading.
  • Pterosaurs, Birds & Bats: Things With Wings (powerpoint – all ages) Flight in vertebrates.
  • What Is A Dinosaur? (powerpoint & activity – youth) What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? How big were they?
  • Paleontology Meets A Paintbrush: Where Art and History Collide (powerpoint – all ages) A behind the scenes breakdown of what went in to the art and exhibits of the current Adaptation Gallery: Geologic Time.
  • Fossils In North Dakota (powerpoint – all ages) An in depth look at fossils found across North Dakota.
  • Prehistoric North Dakota (powerpoint – youth) A shorter version of Fossils In North Dakota for younger audiences.
  • Skin, Scales, Feathers & Fur (powerpoint – all ages) How do we know what some extinct creatures looked like? If we’re lucky, we find their skin…
  • Prehistoric Fishing Trip (activity – youth) Fish the prehistoric seas with a time-traveling excursion. Catch life-sized animals, and see how large some of the BIG creatures really were.
  • Fossil Show-And-Tell (hands-on – youth) View and touch fossils from around the world. Learn more about what types of things turn into fossils, and what they can tell us.
  • How Big WERE They?! (activity – youth) Using life-sized silhouettes, audience members join in to create a living model of how large prehistoric creatures were.