This dig is co-sponsored by the North Dakota Geological Survey and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. After dinosaurs went extinct, crocodiles became the dominant predator in North Dakota, and the environment turned swampy. In Medora, we will be digging in Sentinel Butte Formation rocks, 55-60 million years old. This site is rich in a variety of swamp denizens, including crocodiles, giant salamanders, fish, champsosaurs, clams, snails, and more. The rugged badlands in the nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park may also be a draw for those not interested in digging in the dirt.  No personal vehicles - everyone will be transported to and from the site in vans.

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Full Days (15+ years):  June 15, 20, 21

Family Half Days (10+ years):  June 16, 17, 18

New!  Experienced Digger 2-day site closing (15+ years):  June 22-23


Near Medora, Billings County. Daily trips to the fossil site will originate from Medora.


Opens February 4th, 10am Central – first come, first served

Full Day - $40 (minimum age 15)

Half-Day - $30 (minimum age 10 for Family Days)

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