North Dakota Statewide Tracking and Reporting System

North Dakota Statewide Tracking and Reporting System

The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resource’s Oil and Gas Division has been implementing an upgraded data management system for companies submitting data and forms to strengthen and improve management of North Dakota oil and gas information.

NorthSTAR is North Dakota’s Statewide Tracking and Reporting system used by companies to submit data and regulatory forms to the North Dakota Oil & Gas Division. It is a cloud-based application designed to help manage information by streamlining operations, simplifying processes, providing a better way for companies and the Division to collaborate, collect and analyze data.

Features Available in NorthSTAR
  • Bond Management
  • Entity Management (Form 2)
  • Well Management
  • Well Stimulation & Idle Well
  • Transfer (Forms: 15)
  • Permitting (Forms: 1 & 1H)
  • Tests
  • Sundry (Form 4)
  • Facilities