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Department of Mineral Resources
Oil and Gas Division


Thank you to the following employees for their 2022 Years of Service Awards 

Name Service
Charles Chappell 3
Dawn Marquardt 3
Mandy Olson 3
Marc Ritzke 3
Evan Romuld 3
Brandi Schafer 3
Nick Stroh 3
Calob Werre 3
Levi Moxness 5
Travis Stolldorf 5
Navin Thapa 5
Kevin Bean 10
Jared Thune 10
Brock Wahl 10
Dan Wigen 10
Jeanette Bean 15
Jason Hicks 15
Rich Suggs 15
Tom Torstenson 20
Michael Ziesch 25


We would also like to recognize the following employees:

Nick Stroh for performing the most oil and gas inspections from the Pipeline Department Staff - 1447 total Inspections

Kelly Kadrmas for performing the most Pipeline Inspections - 744 total Inspections 

Evan Romuld for performing the most Reclaim Inspections - 1788 total inspections 

Charlie Chappell for performing the most UIC Inspections - 2154 total inspections 

Brandi Schafer for performing the most Treating Plant Inspections - 359 total inspections

Jim Potts for the most miles driven without an accident - 287,149 total miles

Marc Binns for Plugging the Most Wells - 39 total wells

Doug Dolyniuk for watching the most drilling rigs - 208 total spuds

Robert Stafford for performing the most Oil & Gas Inspections 


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