North Dakota Geological Survey


Reports of Investigation

RI-112 The Alumina Content of the Bear Den Member (Golden Valley Formation) and the Rhame Bed (Slope Formation) in Western North Dakota by Murphy, E. C., 2013. Available on CD for $5.00
RI-111 An Evaluation of the Resource Potential of the Tyler Foirmation (Pennsylvanian) using a Basin Centered Petroleum Accumulation Model by Nordeng, Stephan & Nesheim, Timothy 2012.   Available as pdf document $5 or on CD with pdf and shape files for $25.00.   Shape files require GIS or other mapping related software to open.
RI-110 Investigation of Sand Resources in North Dakota: Sedimentological Characterization of Surficial Sand Deposits for Potential Use as Proppant, by Fred J. Anderson, 2011. Available as paper poster $15, CD with PDF $5, or shape files cd for ($25.00). Shape files require GIS or other mapping related software to open.
RI-109  An Examination of the Factors that Impact Oil Production from the Middle Member of the Bakken Formation in Mountrail County, ND, Nordeng, Stephan H., LeFever, Julie, A., Anderson, Fred J., Bingle-Davis, Marron, Johnson, Eric H., 2010.    Available on CD ($5.00)
RI-108 Correlation Cross-Sections for the Three Forks Formation, North Dakota, LeFever, Richard, D., LeFever, Julie, A., Nordeng, Stephan H., 2009.    Available in paper poster format ($150.00) for set of 9, and on CD ($5.00)
RI-107 Preliminary Cross-Sections of Cretaceous Strata in North Dakota, LeFever, Richard, D., and LeFever, Julie, A., 2007. Available in paper map format. Price ($20.00) per plate and on CD ($5.00).
RI-106 Reference Logs for Cretaceous Formations in North Dakota, LeFever, Richard, D., 2007, Available in paper map format. Price ($5.00) per plate and on CD ($5.00).
RI-105 The Lignite Resources of North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, Ned W. Kruger, Gerard E. Goven, Quentin L. Vandal, Kimberly C. Jacobs, and Michele L. Gutenkunst, 2006. CD only $5.00
RI-104 The Lignite Reserves of North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, 2006, 141 p.  Hard copy (limited) $15.00, CD $5.00.
RI-103 Salts of the Williston Basin, North Dakota, by Julie A. LeFever and Richard D. LeFever, 2005. CD $5.00
RI-102 Oil and Gas Potential of the Icebox Formation (Ordovician), by Aaron J. Ulishney, Richard D. LeFever, and Julie A. LeFever, 2005. CD $5.00
RI-101 Recent Fluvial History and Environmental Change of some Ephemeral Streams in the Little Missouri Badlands of southwestern North Dakota, M.A. Gonzalez, 2001, 49 p. $5.00.
RI-100 The Jerusalem and Tolna outlets in the Devils Lake Basin, North Dakota, by E.C. Murphy, A.K., and R.F. Fleming, 1997, 36 p. The report contains lithologic columns and radiocarbon dates of the Holocene deposits in the two outlets and a time/event diagram of overflows in the Devils Lake Basin. $3.00.
RI-99 The Sodium Sulfate Deposits of Northwestern North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, 1996, 73 p. A detailed account of the Recent lacustrine stratigraphy and sodium sulfate (Glauber salt) reserves at 15 lake basins in northwestern North Dakota. This report incorporates new drillhole information from previous government and industry studies, some of which had previously been unavailable. $3.00.
RI-98 The Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary in South-Central North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, Douglas J. Nichols, John W. Hoganson, and Nels F. Forsman, 1995, 73 p., 2 pl. $3.00.
RI-97 Sherwood Subinterval of the Mission Canyon Formation in Central Western North Dakota, by W. A. McClellan, 1995, 11 p. 7 pl. Illustrates the relationship between major structural features and changing depositional patterns for the Sherwood subinterval in portions of Dunn, McLean, Mountrail, and Ward Counties. $7.00.
RI-96 The Chadron, Brule, and Arikaree Formations in North Dakota - The Buttes of Southwestern North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, John W. Hoganson, and Nels F. Forsman, 1993, 144 p., 7 pl. (1:24,000), full color. A study of the stratigraphy exposed in the buttes of southwestern North Dakota, with geologic maps and sections. $5.00.
RI-95 The Occurrence of Tordon (picloram) and 2,4-D in Groundwater in the Denbigh Sand Hills, McHenry County, North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy and Earl A. Greene, 1992, 46 p. $2.00.
RI-94 Organic and Inorganic Contaminants in Shallow Groundwater at Six Municipal Landfills in North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, 1992, 136 p. Describes the geologic and hydrologic conditions at six sanitary landfill sites: Devils Lake, Harvey, Hillsboro, Linton, Williston, and Wishek. $3.00.
RI-93 The Geologic and Hydrogeologic Conditions in the Area Adjacent to the Devils Lake Wastewater Impoundments, by Edward C. Murphy, Steve W. Pusc, and John P. Bluemle, 1992, 93 p. $3.00.
RI-92 Correlation Cross-Sections along the United States-Canada International Border (North Dakota-Manitoba), by Julie A. LeFever, Carol D. Martiniuk, and Sidney B. Anderson. This report consists of five sheets showing correlations in the Cretaceous, Triassic/Jurassic, Mississippian, Devonian, and Cambrian-Ordovician-Silurian. 1991. $10.00.
RI-91 Petroleum Potential of the Little Missouri Grasslands, by David W. Fischer, Julie A. LeFever, Thomas J. Heck, and Richard D. LeFever, 1991, 52 p. Evaluates the hydrocarbon potential of the Little Missouri Grasslands north of Interstate 94. $2.00.
RI-90 Devonian Stratigraphy of North Dakota from Wireline-Log Sections, by Thomas J. Heck and Randolph B. Burke, 1991, 8 p., 28 pl. $7.00.
RI-89 A Synoptic Overview of the Bakken Formation in Portions of Billings, Golden Valley, and McKenzie Counties, North Dakota, by David W. Fischer and Marvin E. Rygh, 1989, 14 p. $1.00.
RI-88 An Overview of Devonian Duperow Formation Production, Billings Anticline, North Dakota, by Randolph B. Burke, 1989, 5 p., 4 pl. $2.00.
RI-87 Documentation and Diagenesis of Tuffs in the Killdeer Mountains, Dunn County, North Dakota, by Nels Forsman, 1986, 19 p. $2.00.
RI-86 Migration of Contaminants from Buried Oil-and-Gas Drilling Fluids within the Glacial Sediments of North-Central North Dakota, by William A. Beal, Edward C. Murphy, and Alan E. Kehew, 1987, 43 p. Describes movement of leachate from abandoned oil and gas drilling fluid pits in Botti- neau and Renville Counties. $2.00.
RI-85 Madison Subcrop - North Central North Dakota, by Julie A. LeFever, Sidney B. Anderson, and Clarence G. Carlson, 1986, 1 pl. with text, full color. Designed to help geologists locate potential pay zones within the Madison Formation and places where the Madison may supply oil to the overlying Spearfish Formation. $3.00
RI-84 Structure and Stratigraphy of the Frobisher-Alida and Ratcliffe Intervals, Mississippian Madison Group, North-Central North Dakota, by Julie A. LeFever and Sidney B. Anderson, 1986, 17 p., 14 pl. Covers Bottineau, Renville, and Ward Counties. $3.00.
RI-83 Little-Known Mid-Paleozoic Salts of Northwestern North Dakota, by David W. Fischer and Sidney B. Anderson, 1984, 18 p., 1 pl. $2.00.
RI-82 The Effect of Oil and Gas Well Drilling Fluids on Shallow Groundwater In Western North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy and Alan E. Kehew, 1984, 156 p. Results of water analyses and resistivity surveys of four reclaimed oil and gas well drilling sites in western North Dakota. Examines geologic and geohydrologic variables affecting leachate migration. $3.00.
RI-81 Carbonate Bodies within the Basal Swift Formation (Jurassic) of Northwestern North Dakota, by Tina M. Langtry, 1983, 67 p., 16 pl. $3.00.
RI-80 Effect of Seepage from Unlined Municipal Waste Stabilization Lagoons on Chemical Quality of Groundwater in Shallow Aquifers, by Alan E. Kehew, Frances J. Schwindt, and David J. Brown, 1983, 140 p. Results of an investigation of six unlined municipal waste stabilization lagoons constructed in permeable sediments directly over shallow, unconfined aquifers. $3.00.
RI-79 Geological and Geochemical Controls on the Chemical Evolution of Subsurface Water in Undisturbed and Surface-Mined Landscapes in Western North Dakota, by Gerald H. Groenewold, R. D. Koob, G. J. McCarthy, B. W. Rehm, and W. M. Peterson, 1983, 299 p. $3.00.
RI-78 Aquatic Mollusks of North Dakota, by Alan M. Cvancara, 1983, 142 p., 6 pl. Descriptions and illustrations of each of the 44 species of mollusks found in North Dakota. Includes state distribution maps, identifies species associations, and evaluates ecological factors and origins. $5.00.
RI-77 Earth Resistivity Investigations in Reclaimed Surface Lignite Mine Spoils, by A. E. Kehew and G. H. Groenewold, 1983, 101p. Study at the Center, Indian Head, and Falkirk Mines. $2.00.
RI-76 Depositional Environments and Sandstone Diagenesis in the Tyler Formation (Pennsylvanian), Southwestern North Dakota, by S. D. Sturm, 1983, 48 p., 6 pl. $3.00.
RI-75 Mechanisms, Distribution and Frequency of Ground-Water Recharge in an Upland Area of Western North Dakota, by Bernd W. Rehm, Gerald H. Groenewold, and William M. Peterson, 1982, 72 p. Focuses on data collected from the Falkirk site in central North Dakota. $2.00.
RI-74 Computer Management of Geologic and Petroleum Data at the North Dakota Geological Survey, by K. L. Harris, L. M. Winczewski, and H. R. Umphrey, 1982, 34 p. $1.00.
RI-73 Geology and Geotechnical Conditions of the Minot Area, North Dakota, by A. E. Kehew, 1983, 35 p., 6 pl. (approx. 1:82,000, 1:165,000). A compilation of information about the geology and engineering properties of the near-surface materials, groundwater resources, foundation conditions, suitability for waste disposal, and construction conditions in the Minot area. $2.00.
RI-72 The Wannagan Creek Quarry and its Reptilian Fauna in Billings County, North Dakota, by B. R. Erickson, 1982, 12 p. $2.00.
RI-71 Lexicon of Stratigraphic Names of North Dakota, by Joanne V. Lerud, 1982, 140 p., 1 pl. Complete listing of all terms that have been applied to the stratigraphic units of North Dakota. Includes a history of the terminology applied to each unit, its age, area of extent, lithology, thickness, relationship to other units, characteristic fossils, economic significance, depositional environment, and references to type sections. $5.00.
RI-70 Geologic and Hydrogeologic Conditions Affecting Land Use in the Bismarck-Mandan Area, by Gerald H. Groenewold, 1980, 42 p., 30 pl. (1:24,000). A compilation of data on the surficial materials, mineral resources, groundwater re- sources, engineering properties, and geologic hazards. $2.00.
RI-69 Explanatory Text to Accompany the Geologic Map of North Dakota, by Lee Clayton, S. R. Moran, and J. P. Bluemle, 1980, 93 p. Explains how the map, which was published in 1980 by the U. S. Geological Survey, was compiled and provides explanations and illustrations of the various map units. $3.00. Note: The Geologic Map of North Dakota (1:500,000) by Lee Clayton, S. R. Moran, J. P. Bluemle, and C. G. Carlson is available for $3.00.
RI-68 Potash Salts in the Williston Basin, U.S.A., by Sidney B. Anderson and Robert P. Swinehart. Describes the occurrence of potash deposits in northwestern North Dakota and northeastern Montana, 1979, 19 p. $3.00.
RI-67 The Carrington Shale Facies (Mississippian) and its Relationship to the Scallion Subinterval in Central North Dakota, by Peter F. Bjorlie, 1979, 46 p., 6 pl. $3.00.
RI-66 Depositional Environments and Paragenetic Porosity Controls, Upper Red River Formation, North Dakota, by W. Kipp Carroll, 1979, 51 p., 4 pl. $3.00.
*RI-65 Late Paleocene Mammals of the Tongue River Formation, Western North Dakota, by Richard C. Holtzman, 1978, 88 p. (Approximately 41 meg file Save to your disk before opening)
RI-64 Geology and Geohydrology of the Knife River Basin and Adjacent Areas of West-Central North Dakota, by Gerald H. Groenewold, and others, 1979, 402 p., 37 pl. Considers the surface and subsurface geology, regional groundwater flow systems, chemistry, and chemical evolution of groundwater in the units overlying the Pierre Formation in west-central North Dakota. $5.00.
*RI-63 Geologic, Hydrologic, and Geochemical Concepts and Techniques in Overburden Characterization for Mined-Land Reclamation, by Stephen R. Moran, Gerald H. Groenewold, and John A. Cherry, 1978, 152 p., 12 pl.
RI-62 Physical Data for Land-Use Planning - Divide, McKenzie, and Williams Counties, North Dakota, by Erling A. Brostuen, 1977, 17 p. 8 pl. (1:250,000, 1:31,680), full color. A compilation of data on the surficial materials, mineral resources, groundwater resources, and pollution hazards. Includes data on suitability of soils for cultivation and irrigation.$3.00.
RI-61 Geology, Groundwater Hydrology, and Hydrogeochemistry of a Proposed Surface Mine and Lignite Gasification Plant Site near Dunn Center, North Dakota, by Stephen R. Moran, and others, 1978, 263 p., 4 pl. (1:63,360), full color. $5.00.
RI-60 Stratigraphy of Offshore Sediment-Lake Agassiz, North Dakota, by B. Michael Arndt, 1977, 63 p., 3 pl. Stratigraphy and engineering properties of Lake Agassiz offshore sediment. $3.00.
RI-59 The Slope (Paleocene) and Bullion Creek (Paleocene) Formations of North Dakota, by Lee Clayton and others, 1977, 14 p. Re-examines traditional stratigraphic nomenclature and provides two new formation names. $1.00.
RI-58 Geology of the Upper Part of the Fort Union Group (Paleocene), Williston Basin, with Reference to Uranium, by Arthur F. Jacob, 1976, 49 p., 3 pl. $3.00.
RI-57 Geology of the Cannonball Formation (Paleocene) in the Williston Basin, with Reference to Uranium Potential, by A. M. Cvancara, 1976, 22 p., 4 pl. (1:1,000,000). $3.00.
RI-56 The Stratigraphy and Environments of Deposition of the Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation (Reconnaissance) and the Paleocene Ludlow Formation (Detailed), Southwestern North Dakota, by Walter L. Moore, 1976, 40 p., 10 pl. A summary of stratigraphic work and uranium potential of the Ludlow and Hell Creek Formations. $3.00.
RI-55 Geology of the Fox Hills Formation (Late Cretaceous) in the Williston Basin of North Dakota, with Reference to Uranium Potential, by A. M. Cvancara, 1976, 16 p., 4 pl. (1:1,000,000). $3.00.
RI-54 Physical Data for Land-Use Planning - Cass County, North Dakota, and Clay County, Minnesota - An Inventory of Mineral, Soil and Water Resources, by B. Michael Arndt and Stephen R. Moran, 1974, 16 p. 9 pl. (1:250,000) full color. Prepared in cooperation with the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Fargo- Moorhead Metropolitan Council. $5.00.
RI-53 Criteria for Differentiating the Tongue River and Sentinel Butte Formations (Paleocene), North Dakota, by Arthur F. Jacob, 1975, 55 p. $3.00.
RI-52 A Mechanical Well Log Study of the Poplar Interval of the Mississippian Madison Formation in North Dakota, by C. W. Cook, 1976, 20 p., 9 pl. (1:1,000,000). $5.00.
RI-51 Late Cenozoic Stratigraphy of the Lake Sakakawea Bluffs North and West of Riverdale, North Dakota, by James H. Ulmer and Donald K. Sackreiter, 1973, 1 pl. with text.
RI-50 Geology for Planning at Langdon, North Dakota, by B. Michael Arndt, 1972, 16 p. $1.00.
RI-49 Magnetic Anomalies in Pembina County, North Dakota, by Walter L. Moore and Frank R. Karner, 1969, 8 p. $1.00.
*RI-48 Cement Rock Possibilities in Paleozoic Rocks of Eastern North Dakota, by Sidney B. Anderson and Harold C. Haraldson, 1969, 62 p., 3 pl. (1:250,000). Analyses of the carbonates of the Stonewall, Stony Mountain, Red River, and Winnipeg Formations in Grand Forks and Pembina Counties.
*RI-47 The Newcastle Formation in the Williston Basin of North Dakota, by Mark Reishus, 1968, 26 p., 12 pl. (Approximately 2.3 meg file Save to your disk before opening)
RI-46 Where North Dakotas Best Newcastle Sand Trends are Located, by Sidney B. Anderson, 1967 (Repr. from World Oil, v. 165, no. 7, p. 91-93). $1.00.
RI-45 The Tongue River-Sentinel Butte Contact in Western North Dakota, by Chester F. Royse, Jr., 1967, 56 p., 1 pl. (1:400,000). $3.00.
RI-44 Notes on Pleistocene Stratigraphy of North Dakota, by Lee Clayton, 1966, 25 p.
*RI-43 A Look at the Lower and Middle Madison of Northwestern North Dakota, by C. G. Carlson and S. B. Anderson, 1966, 14 p. Reviews the petroleum potential of the lower and middle Madison Formation in Burke, Divide, and Williams Counties, the northern three-fourths of Mountrail County, and extreme northwestern Ward County.
*RI-42 A Look at the Petroleum Potential of Southwestern North Dakota, by S. B. Anderson, 1966, 3 pl. (1:400,000) with text.
RI-41 The Niobrara Formation of Eastern North Dakota: Its Possibilities for Use as a Cement Rock, by Clarence G. Carlson, 1964, 56 p., 1 pl. (1:81,000). Results of 14 test holes in Walsh and Grand Forks Counties.
*RI-40 Gravity Maps of Central North Dakota, by John B. Hunt, 1963, 4 pl. (1:125,000) with text. Includes portions of Ward, McHenry, Pierce, Wells, Sheridan, and McLean Counties, and a smaller area to the southwest, mainly in McLean County, but including small portions of Ward and Mountrail Counties.
*RI-39 Gravity Maps of North Central North Dakota, by John B. Hunt, 1962, 2 pl. (1:140,000) with text. Covers portions of Bottineau, Rolette, McHenry, Renville, Pierce, and Ward Counties.
RI-38 Investigation of Pozzolanic Properties of the Cretaceous Volcanic Ash Deposits Near Linton, North Dakota, by Oscar E. Manz, 1962, 42 p. Results of tests performed to determine usability of the ash as an additive in concrete mixes and in road base stabilization.
*RI-37 Maps of the Frobisher-Alida Interval, North Dakota, by William P. Eastwood, 1961, 3 pl. (1:240,000, 1:290,000) with text. Covers portions of Renville, Ward, Bottineau, and McHenry Counties.
*RI-36 Oil Fields in the Burke County Area, North Dakota - Geological, Magnetic, and Engineering Studies, by S. B. Anderson, D. E. Hansen, and W. P. Eastwood, 1960, 71 p.
*RI-35 Regional Gravity Map of Northwestern North Dakota, by Miller Hansen, 1960, 1 pl. (1:125,000) with text. Includes portions of 18-Jul-2013
RI-34 North Dakota has Rapid Mesozoic Facies Changes, by Dan E. Hansen, 1960 (Repr. from World Oil, Dec., 1959), 5 p. Investigation of the strata immediately above and below the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary.
RI-33 Clays of North Dakota as a Potential Source of Alumina, by Miller Hansen, 1959, 15 p. Focuses on analyses of clays of the Tongue River and Golden Valley Formations.
*RI-32 Preliminary Report on the Antelope-Madison and Antelope-Sanish Pools, by C. B. Folsom, Jr., Clarence G. Carlson, and Sidney B. Anderson, 1959, 38 p. A review of the Devonian QuAppelle (Three Forks-Sanish) Formation and the Mississippian Madison Formation and the reservoir characteristics of oil-producing zones within those formations.
RI-31 Mississippian Possibilities, by Sidney B. Anderson, 1959 (Repr. from World Oil, Dec., 1958), 9 p. An analysis of the Upper Madison Group facies in northwestern North Dakota.
RI-30 Madison Subcrop-Spearfish Isopach Map- Bottineau Area, by Sidney B. Anderson and Clarence G. Carlson, 1958 (Rev. 1965), 1 pl. (1:150,000) with text, full color. Superseded by RI-85. A detailed subcrop map of the Pre-Triassic surface with thickness contours of the overlying Spearfish Formation superimposed.
*RI-29 Preliminary Report of the Newburg-Spearfish- Charles and South Westhope-Spearfish-Charles Pools, by Clarence B. Folsom, Jr., Miller Hansen, and Sidney B. Anderson, 1958, 25 p. Contains geologic and engineering information on the fields and a magnetometer survey of the area. (Approximately 5.7 meg file Save to your disk before opening)
*RI-28 Halite Deposits in North Dakota, by S. B. Anderson and D. E. Hansen, 1957, 2 pl. with text. Provides maps showing the maximum and minimum depths, the thickness, and the lateral extent of eleven salt beds in Devonian, Mississippian, Permian, and Triassic sediments in central and western North Dakota.
RI-27 Investigation of Lake Agassiz Clay Deposits, by Oscar E. Manz, 1956, 37 p. Reviews problems involved in using Lake Agassiz clay to make brick and other structural clay products.
*RI-26 Geology of the Grassy Butte Area, McKenzie County, North Dakota, by Elmer G. Meldahl, 1956, 1 pl. (1:125,000) with text.
RI-25 Geology of the Lower Pipestem Creek Area, North Dakota, by Ronald J. Kresl, 1956, 1 pl. (1:63,360) with text. Covers the Buchanan, Eldridge, Eldridge NW, and Pinegree SW 7.5 quadrangles.
*RI-24 Mississippian Stratigraphic Studies, Bottineau County, North Dakota, by Sidney B. Anderson and Laverne Nelson, 1956, 2 pl. (1:125,000). Includes three lithologic and electric log cross sections; four subsurface maps which show (1) contours on the Paleozoic erosion surface, (2) porosity of the 100-foot interval below the Paleozoic erosion surface, (3) structure contours on the anhydrite near the middle of the Mission Canyon Formation, and (4) thickness of the overlying Spearfish Formation.
*RI-23 The General Geology of Uranium in Southwestern North Dakota, by John R. Bergstrom, 1956, 1 pl. with text. Includes a geologic map, geologic section of Sentinel Butte showing the results of uranium assays, and three block diagrams.
RI-22 North Dakotas Nesson Anticline, by Wilson M. Laird and Clarence B. Folsom, Jr., 1956 (Repr. from World Oil, March and June, 1956), 12 p. Reviews the geology and engineering features of the Madison reservoir.
RI-21 Geomagnetic Survey of the Tioga Area, North Dakota, by Miller Hansen, 1956, 1 pl. (1:63,360). Includes contours of vertical magnetic intensity and structural contours of the Mission Canyon Formation.
RI-20 What Are Prospects in Williston Basins East Side?, by Clarence B. Folsom, Jr. and Sidney B. Anderson, 1955 (Repr. from Oil and Gas Jour., Dec. 12, 1955, 5 p.).
RI-19 Magnetometer Survey of the Keene Dome, McKenzie County, North Dakota, by Albert G. Opp, 1955, 1 pl. (1:63,360) with text.
RI-18 Geology of the Elkhorn Ranch Area, Billings and Golden Valley Counties, North Dakota, by Bernold M. Hanson, 1955, 1 pl. (1:125,000) with text.
RI-17 Investigation of Lightweight Aggregate Possibilities of some North Dakota Clays and Shales, by Oscar E. Manz, 1954, 51 p. Results of bloating tests on clay samples from sixteen counties in eastern and western North Dakota.
*RI-16 Stratigraphic Section of the Mississippian System in North Dakota, by Sidney B. Anderson, 1954, 2 pl. with text.
RI-15 Structural Geology of the Skaar-Trotters Area, McKenzie and Golden Valley Counties, North Dakota, by Stanley P. Fisher, 1954 (Repr. 1959), 1 pl. (1:125,000) with text.
*RI-14 Surface Structure of Western Stark County and Adjacent Areas of North Dakota, by John W. Caldwell, 1954, 1 pl (1:125,000) with text.
*RI-13 Investigations of some North Dakota Clays and Shales, by Oscar E. Manz, 1953, 36 p. Test results of 20 fired and unfired clay samples from western North Dakota.
*RI-12 Stratigraphic Sections of the Devonian System in Western North Dakota and Adjacent Areas, by Donald F. Towse, 1953, 1 pl. with text. Correlated cross section of six wells extending from the Virden Field in Manitoba to Fallon County, Montana.
RI-11 Geology of West Central McKenzie County, North Dakota, by Stanley P. Fisher, 1953 (Repr. 1960), 2 pl. (1:125,000) with text. $3.00.
RI-10 Geomagnetic Survey of Part of the East Edge of Williston Basin, by Harold C. Haraldson, 1953, 1 pl. (1:125,000) with text. This survey covers parts of Pierce, Benson, Sheridan, and Wells Counties.
*RI-9 Geomagnetic Survey of Benson and Ramsey Counties, North Dakota, by Miller Hansen, 1953, 1 pl. (1:125,000) with text.
RI-8 Geologic Report on Limestone Deposits in Stark County and Hettinger County, North Dakota, by Miller Hansen, 1953 (Repr. 1958), 71 p.
RI-7 Additional Well Logs for North Dakota, compiled by Wilson M. Laird, Marjorie Ness, and Clarence Klipfel, 1952, 137 p. A compilation of wells drilled for oil and water.
RI-6 Geomagnetic Survey of Rolette and Towner Counties, North Dakota, by N. N. Kohanowski, 1951, 2 pl. (1:125,000) with text.
*RI-5 Geology of Emmons County, North Dakota (Preliminary Maps), by Stanley P. Fisher, 1952, 2 pl. (1:125,000) with text.
RI-4 Geology of the Pembina Hills, by Wilson M. Laird, 1951 (Repr. from North Dakota Outdoors, v. 13, no. 12, p. 12-13). A non-technical account of the geology of the northeastern part of the state.
*RI-3 Discovery Heightens Interest in North Dakota Geology, by Wilson M. Laird, 1951 (Repr. from World Oil, June-July 1951, v. 132, no. 7, p. 73- 75, 84; v. 133, no. 1, p. 83-85). A review of the structure and stratigraphy of North Dakota with reference to possibilities for oil.
RI-2 Stratigraphy of North Dakota with Reference to Oil Possibilities, by Wilson M. Laird and Donald F. Towse, 1949 (Rev. 1951, 1953), 2 pl. with text. Two large sheets containing 13 figures, 2 tables, with brief discussion of stratigraphy. The maps show the locations of important deep wells drilled for oil, gas, and water, and the approximate extent of the formations of various systems in the state.
RI-1 The Sodium Sulphate Deposits of Western North Dakota, by I. G. Grossman, 1949 (Repr. 1955), 66 p. Progress report dealing with the occurrence and origin of sodium sulphate deposits in northwestern North Dakota. Reviews the work done by the F.E.R.A. survey in 1934 and provides data on additional occurrences. $1.00.