North Dakota Geological Survey


X Marks the Spot: #2
By Mark A. Gonzalez


The Spot contest for this issue features a well known landmark on the opposite side of the state from the previous contest. The landmark is indicated by the X on the accompanying map and is positioned between the sets of arrows. Contestants can deduce the approximate location simply by noting the elevation of contour lines on the map. Not much of the State occurs at this elevation. The area is well known for its fertile, productive fields, and high concentration of Icelandic descendants. Many geology students at UND and NDSU have visited this or similar sites during a geology field trip.

When you have identified the landform marked by the X, submit your responses to these questions.

(1) What is the formal name of the geologic feature or landform marked by the X and positioned between the sets of arrows?

(2) For extra credit: Which town is closest to the X?

Those individuals who submit correct responses will be entered into a winners' pool. Two names will be drawn at random by one of our distinguished staff. One selected respondent will receive a copy of John Bluemle's Face of North Dakota (third edition), and another will receive a Geologic Map of North Dakota. In future contests, NDGS will award these and other items, including casts of fossils found in North Dakota, posters, and other items distributed by the NDGS.

Please submit responses by March 1, 2002. Winners of our drawing and the correct answers will appear on our web site shortly thereafter and in the next issue of the NDGS Newsletter along with a new contest.

Answers may be submitted below by completing the Entry Form. Alternatively, you may submit answers by mail or e-mail. Only one answer permitted per person. The contest is not open to employees of the Industrial Commission or members of their families.

Answers submitted by mail should be sent to:

Editor, NDGS Newsletter
Attn: Spot Contest

600 E. Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58505-0840