North Dakota Geological Survey


Federally Produced Maps

The North Dakota Geological Survey is a dealer for USGS topographic maps. The NDGS stocks all USGS topographic maps for North Dakota and can locate and provide existing maps for nearly every state in the U.S. We can assist you in ordering them or include them in our regular map order (it takes about a week for us to receive map orders from the USGS). The NDGS also stocks selected Bureau of Land Management, National Park, Army Corps of Engineers, and Soil Conservation Service maps for North Dakota. When ordering topo maps by mail, fax, or phone, please be sure to indicate the map name and scale you want. If you are not sure, map indexes can be sent free of charge upon request. Refunds can not be given for returned maps. A 10% discount is allowed on individual orders of ten or more maps (not including shipping). To order, contact the publications clerk.