North Dakota Geological Survey


Federally Produced Topographic Maps


Large-scale Map Series

(7.5 minutes of latitude and longitude); scale 1:24,000 or about 2 5/8 inches per mile. $8.00.

Intermediate-scale map series (metric)

(30 minutes of latitude by 60 minutes of longitude); scale 1:100,000 or 1 cm on the map represents 1 km on the ground. (BLM versions are available for portions of the state and contain land status in addition to the standard USGS map.) $9.00.

Small-scale map series

(1 degree latitude; 2 degree longitude); scale 1:250,000 or about 1/4 inch per mile. $9.00.

15-minute series

(15 minutes of latitude and longitude); scale 1:62,500, or about 1 inch per mile. Statewide coverage not available. This map series has been discontinued; maps are available while supplies last. $4.00.

Shipping Rates