North Dakota Geological Survey


Biennial Reports

*BR-1 by E. J. Babcock, 1901, 103 p., 13 pl. Discusses the topography and general geology of the state and presents Three brief summaries of clay, coal, and water.
*BR-2 by Frank A. Wilder, 1902 (second edition January 15, 1903), 262 p., 39 pl. Devoted almost entirely to the lignite deposits of North Dakota.
*BR-3 by A. G. Leonard, 1904, 236 p., 33 pl. Contains papers on the topography and geology of North Dakota, lignite deposits west of the Missouri River, methods of stream measurement, and stream runoff.
*BR-4 by A. G. Leonard, 1906, 340 p., 37 pl. Devoted entirely to the clays of North Dakota, including stratigraphy, economic geology, uses and value, methods of brick manufacture, and a description of the North Dakota clay industry.
*BR-5 by A. G. Leonard, 1908, 278 p., 30 pl. Discusses the geology of southwestern North Dakota, with special reference to coal; the geology of northeastern North Dakota, with special reference to cement materials; the manufacture of hydraulic cement; laboratory tests in cement making with North Dakota materials; the geological history of North Dakota; the Bottineau gas field; and road materials.
*BR-6 by A. G. Leonard, 1912, 165 p., 21 pl. Contains papers on the geology, topography, and coal deposits of south-central North Dakota, with a geologic map of the region; and on the physiography and geologic history of the Devils Lake and Stump Lake region.
Biennial reports mimeographed from 1912 to 1941 were administrative only and were not regularly distributed; however, copies of BR-18 (dated 1933-1934) and BR-19 (dated 1937) are still available.
BR-22 through BR-32 by Wilson M. Laird. BR-22 and 23 are out of print. These are administrative reports detailing the activities of the North Dakota Geological Survey for each of the bienniums from 1940-1942 through 1960-1962.
*Out of print