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    1. Call to Order: Ryan Kopseng
  2. Presentation of Oil and Gas Research Program Financial Report - Karlene Fine -
  3. North Dakota Pipeline Authority Update – Justin Kringstad -
  4. Consideration of Grant Round 53 Education & Research Applications:
    1. G-053-01: "Creedence Energy Services EOR Biosurfactant Applications"- Creedence Energy Services/Locus Bio-Energy; Principal Investigator: Kevin Black; Project Duration: 18 Months; Total Project Cost $622,288; Request for: $205,750 -
      1. Technical Peer Reviewers' Ratings/ Comments & Applicant’s Response -
      2. OGRP Director's Presentation and Recommendation – Brent Brannan -
      3. Applicant's Presentation -
  5. EERC Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership Initiative to Accelerate Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Deployment
    1. Project Update and Request for Incremental Funding of $500,000 – Kevin Connors, (EERC) -
  6. Produced Water Management and Recycling Options in North Dakota, Final Report: Beth Kurz, Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) -
  7. Administration-
    1. Next OGRC Grant Deadline: June 1, 2021
    2. NDIC Meeting – January 2021
  8. Adjournment

mission statement

The Mission of the Oil and Gas Research Council is to promote the growth of the oil and gas industry through research and education.

latest news

The NDIC, in an effort to better understand lightning and its impacts on oil and gas facilities, funded the EERC to compile relevant information and report it to NDIC in the form of a s... More news

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020  2pm-4pm

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