Submit pipeline integrity test results

Submit pipeline integrity test results at

  • Required attachments include (attach files individually, zipped or compressed files are automatically blocked):
    1. GIS shape files showing the location of the centerline of the portion of the pipeline that was tested Download shape file template Pipeline Attribute Descriptions Pipeline Nomenclature
    2. A copy of the digital logs and/or chart recorder results and test procedure (pdf format)
    3. A copy of Pipeline Third-Party Inspector Certificates for all newly constructed pipelines as defined under NDAC 43-02-03-29.1

    Pipeline Integrity Requirements

    North Dakota Administrative Code Section 43-02-03-29.1 Subsection 13:

    b. An independent inspector's certificate of hydrostatic or pneumatic testing of a crude oil or produced water underground gathering pipeline must be submitted within sixty days of the underground gathering pipeline being placed into service and include the following:

    1. The name of the pipeline gathering system and any other separately named portions thereof;
    2. The date of the test;
    3. The duration of the test;
    4. The length of pipeline which was tested;
    5. The maximum and minimum test pressure;
    6. The starting and ending pressure;
    7. A copy of the chart recorder or digital log results; and
    8. A geographical information system layer utilizing North American datum 83 geographic coordinate system (GCS) and in an environmental systems research institute (Esri) shape file format showing the location of the centerline of the portion of the pipeline that was tested.
    9. A copy of the test procedure used; and
    10. A third-party inspector certificate summarizing the pipeline has been pressure tested and whether it demonstrated integrity, including the identification of any leaks, ruptures, or other integrity issues encountered, and an explanation for any substantial pressure gain or losses during the integrity test, if applicable.