Notification to construct crude oil or produced water underground gathering pipelines

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Notification Requirements

North Dakota Administrative Code Section 43-02-03-29.1 Subsection 3:

3. Notifications.

a. The underground gathering pipeline owner shall notify the commission, as provided by the director, at least seven days prior to commencing new construction of any underground gathering pipeline.

  1. The notice of intent to construct a crude oil or produced water underground gathering pipeline must include the following:
    1. The proposed date construction is scheduled to begin.
    2. A geographical information system layer utilizing North American datum 83 geographic coordinate system (GCS) and in an environmental systems research institute (Esri) shape file format showing the proposed route of the pipeline from the point of origin to the termination point.
    3. The proposed underground gathering pipeline design drawings, including all associated above ground equipment.

      • [1] The proposed pipeline composition, specifications (i.e. size, weight, grade, wall thickness, coating, and standard dimension ratio).
      • [2] The type of fluid to be transported.
      • [3] The method of testing pipeline integrity (e.g. hydrostatic or pneumatic test) prior to placing the pipeline into service.
      • [4] Proposed burial depth of the pipeline.
      • [5] The location and type of all road crossings (i.e. bored and cased or bored only).
      • [6] The location of all environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands, streams, or other surface waterbodies that the pipeline may traverse, if applicable.