North Dakota Geological Survey

Well Circulars - Barnes County

Location of County Circular Information Location of County Circular Information 2 Map of Barnes County with Well Locations

General Information

Circular 1 1937 Instructions for Well Gage Observers in North Dakota
Circular2 1938 Instructions for Observers of Municipal Wells
Circular 3 1938 Maps and Graphs Prepared for the Water Resources Committee North Dakota State Planning Board
Circular 4 1939 Instructions for Recorders in Well Survey of North Dakota
Circular 5 1954 Well Data and Tops of Significant Wells
1955 1955 Supplement
1966 10th Revision, 1st Supplement

Oil Well Summaries

Circular Number Operator/Well Name Permit
API Number Location
94 Pollard and Davis - #1 A.H. Gregory 401 33-003-00003 NWNW Sec. 23, T.143N., R.61W.
198 Pollard and Davis - #1 Dwane Guscette 149 33-003-00002 NWNW Sec. 20, T.142N., R.61W.
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