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    Fossil Resource Management-Custer National Forest and North Dakota Geological Survey: A Model of Collaborative Stewardship  
    Soft-shelled Turtle (Plastomenus) Mass Mortality Assemblage, Sentinel Butte Fm. (Paleocene). Billings County, North Dakota  
    Plioplatecarpus (Reptilia, Mosasauridae) and Associated Vertebrate and Invertebrate Fossils from the Pierre Shale (Campanian), Cooperstown Site, Griggs County, North Dakota  
    Taphonomic Implications of the Turtle Assemblage at Ash Coulee Quarry, Sentinel Butte Fm (Paleocene), Billings County, North Dakota  
    Cartilaginous Fishes from the Fox Hills Fm (Cretaceous: Maastrictian), North Dakota  
    Champosaurus Gigas Erickson: A Restored and Mounted Skeleton (ND94-225.1) in the North Dakota State Fossil Collection  
    North Dakota's Fossil Resource Management Program and the Private Landowner  
    Reptiles of the Timber Lake Member (Cretaceous: Maastrichtian), Fox Hills Fm., North Dakota  

Paleontology of Theodore Roosevelt National Park
(Originally printed in NDGS Newsletter Volume 24, No. 1, Spring 1997)

    Mosasaurs, Sharks, and Other Marine Creatures from the Cooperstown Pierre Shale Site
(Originally printed in NDGS Newsletter Volume 23, No. 2&3, Summer/Fall 1996)
    Commitment to Cooperatively Manage Paleontological Resources on United States Forest Service Administered Lands in North Dakota Reaffirmed by the NDGS and USFS  
Short Papers
    Lithostratigraphy, Paleontology, and Biochronology of the Chadron, Brule, and Arikaree Formations in North Dakota  

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January 5, 2007